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We need your help

This site is currently in a limited private beta. We need your help to ask and answer interesting questions to test whether this site has enough participation to move into public beta. Vote for your favorites to encourage more like it!

New site doesn’t necessarily mean “beginner” questions

We’ve gathered a group of experts and enthusiasts, so ask and answer the types of question YOU would like to see on this site. Questions should be specific and answerable — we are building a library of definitive questions and answers that others might encounter in their day to day work or study. Of course, questions from beginners are welcome too.

When folks come to this site for the first time, we want the front page to reflect the types of questions YOU would want to see asked on a site like this.

The site went into private beta on May 16, 2023 and will undergo evaluation by the Community Team within 5 weeks of that date. At that point, it will either be moved into public beta or closed down.


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